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Preparing, scripting and storyboarding your online video presentation

If you are thinking about putting together a video-on-demand (VODcast) on your website here are a few tips when thinking about your scripting and storyboarding. Read more

Aim High

Discover how aiming high can help your enterprise realise its online ambitions. Read more

Online Optimisation - How it all fits together

For the uninitiated, the language of online world can be obscure and confusing. Terms of art and three letter acronyms abound in what might be seen as an attempt to obfuscate, confound, and befuddle. Read more

Overcoming Strategic Myopia

Everyone accepts that we operate in a global marketplace. So why are so many EMEA operations so poorly served by corporate websites? Read more

Web Analytics for the Numerically-Challenged Marketeer

No one can doubt the importance of accurate, informative, and functional web stats. Once the preserve of the techno-geek, web analytics has come to the fore with the explosive impact of customer participation online. Read more

With New Online Marketing Tools, Interpretation is King

Those responsible for promoting their company websites are often bombarded with new software products with seemingly limitless capabilities and endless reporting tools. Yet, is all the new software in the world enough to achieve marketing success? Read more

Gathering Online Marketing Intelligence - The Methods and the Menace

Marketeers are realising that websites can provide a wealth of invaluable information about existing and potential customers' attitudes, perceptions, and needs. The question is simple: how can you get this information, and can it be trusted? Read more


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