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About Us, The Box of Blue Philosophy
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Box of Blue Ltd is a privately owned web design agency based in Wiltshire specialising in website design, website development and website marketing and promotion.

"Website design, Website Development and Website Marketing" - three phrases which everyone has heard of yet can have very different meanings and interpretations depending on who you speak to and who is delivering them.

Our interpretation goes something like this:

Many companies are now realising that their online strategy can offer huge amounts of potential for their business. Because of this companies want their online strategy to work hard - they want to improve their brand awareness, to effectively communication with existing customers, to attract new customers, to fundamentally improve their bottom line through digital activities.

This is precisely what we do!

We understand how the web works. We understand how to make visually enticing websites that your customers will respond to. We understand the technology but more importantly we know how to apply the technology appropriately. We don't subscribe to "technology for technology's sake", instead we look to justify why one technological, graphical or marketing approach will benefit you more than another - all the time keeping in mind the needs of your customers and your business.

We focus on strong communication with our clients. If we cannot communicate well with you how can we help you communicate well with your customers. We strive to learn your business - by that we mean your objectives, your ambitions, your worries and your successes. This is what allows us to be purposeful in providing the right solution for you, and by understanding more about you we can help you realise your digital aspirations.

Box of Blue Ltd has over a decade of experience in website design, website development and website marketing. Our approach to the meaning behind "Website Design, Website Development and Website Marketing" means we have an impressive amount of repeat business, a phenomenal number of referrals, and way more fun than is probably good for us.

We would love to speak to you about your next digital adventure.

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